The trendiest and
up to date places and locations

Included excursions

Our Top programmes include one full day and
one half day 
excursion per week. Excursions will include
the trendiest
 and up to date places and locations.

Our Top Plus programmes include a complete
schedule of full day and half day excursions guaranteed
to keep you busy from arrival to departure.
All transfers to and from excursions, entrances,
and reservation are included!

Our staff leading your trips will be
knowledgeable, conscious of student’s safety,
communicative, friendly and enthusiastic.

Optional excursions

In addition to our excursions programme,
we offer students the chance to choose optional
excursions at an extra charge.

Optional excursions vary at each centre and
each week throughout the summer.
They may also be dependent 
on booking numbers.
You will find details
 and costs in each centre.

MoMA in New York

Discover the Museum of Modern Art, considered the most important museum of modern art in the world. Located in Manhattan in the heart of the Big Apple, the museum’s collection offers a unique overview of modern and contemporary art worldwide, as it hosts a number of architectural projects and designer objects, drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, screen prints, photographs, films and multimedia works. Currently, the MoMA comprises more than 150,000 works, other than 22,000 films and 4 million still frames.

Edinburgh Castle

Ancient fortress, perched on an extinct volcano, it dominates the beautiful landscape of the city of Edinburgh. Like all castles, the fortress of Edinburgh has always been a centre of military activities and among the ancient fortresses of the whole of Britain is one of the few that can boast a permanent military garrison, though only for representation. The castle has now become a museum and it is the most visited of the Scottish capital.

Cruise on the Thames

The Thames river cruise is a must for study holidays in London, a unique chance to sail under the famous bridges and admire the icons of the city seen from a new, striking, perspective!

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