Free time
andĀ social activities

SocialĀ and
sport activities

A typical course provided by MLA
consists of English classes and a fun filled
programme of activities and excursions.
During your stay with us you will have an
opportunity to take part in many different activities:
sports, dance, arts & crafts, music, drama.
All activities are led by trained MLA staff
so you will have a further opportunity
to improve your language skills by communicating
with them in a safe and secure environment.
MLA staff are always there to engage students in exciting activities,
in an international atmosphere of
friendship and entertainment.

A huge variety of activities, including a range of sports, are available such as quizzes,
treasure hunts, karaoke, performance,
outdoor games, football, swimming, basketball and
badminton, musical
extravaganzas, talent and fashion shows, and international food nights.


Life as a student

Happiness and fun are fundamental and last
the whole duration of the study holiday.
Your days with MLA will be engaging and full of thrilling moments.

Wake up!!! A wonderful day with MLA is just about to begin!

A breakfast in good company is what you need for a better start of your day!

Lessons start! Games, group activities, music, and your mother tongue teacher are waiting for you!

A short break to refresh before class restarts!

The most important moment of the day: the lunch!

Everybody get ready to discover the most exclusive and up to date locations at present!

New York, London, Dublin and other cities at your fingertips or alternatively sports, games, activities and much more!

A rich and international dinner before jumping into a fantastic and fun MLA evening!

Fancy party, karaoke night, disco, quiz night are just some of the activities to look forward to in the MLA centers.

Back to sleep waiting for a new day with MLA!