Skema Tolling Fee Agreement

Skema Tolling Fee Agreement

Please note that Pertamina offers the concept of a toll agreement to solve problems. “So if phase 1 is completed by the end of 2023, the regulation we are in place will be completed by mid-2022,” he said. “We`re working on this year if there can be an agreement, that`s what we`re moving forward,” Erick said recently. This was previously forwarded by Pertamina CEO Nicke Widyawati. Nicke stated that when the new regime is implemented, the two parties will create a joint venture to build a new refining plant in Cilacap. Assessments carried out at Cilacap`s existing refineries, which are expected to be relocated from Pertamina into a new joint venture (JV) with commercial partners in this case, Saudi Aramco. But what is on the ground is without spin-off. So I`m just going to work together to get the refinery. Under the new regime agreed by the existing refinery, Pertamina`s direct assets remain. Then the flow of crude oil and the product remains pertamina. Subsequently, the toll will be collected for joint ventures.

In the Cilacap refinery project, Pertamina holds a 55% majority stake and Saudi Aramco controls 45%. The division is in line with the agreement reached between the two companies at the top of the agreement signed at the end of 2015. ( (RI) Meanwhile, fajriyah Usman, vice-president of corporate communications pertamina, has ensured that the two sides are in talks after the agreement on the refining development programme. “There are still discussions on toll options like with (Refinery) Balikpapan,” Fajriyah said on Thursday (26/12). The regime in question is the same regime that was adopted at the Balikpapan refinery. The Balikpapan refinery program in question is not relocated to existing refineries. This means that Pertamina and Aramco will build a new refinery. “Yes, we think we buy pertamina propylena and pay directly while reducing our debts. That is not what they want. For the most part, the toll agreement proposed yesterday by Pertamina from B to B has harmed Polytama,” he said.

2013- January: Appointment of a new government representative without a representative of Silakencana.- May: signing of the toll agreement with Pertamina-TPPI. – December: New management works tPPI. – Following the lack of supply of propylene (C3) from Pertamina, which was to be converted into polypropylene, the Polytama refinery ceased operations in April 2014 to meet the needs of native polypropylene, PT Pertamina (Persero) and PT Polytama Propindo discussed the toll agreement. JAKARTA – Cooperation between PT Pertamina (Persero) and Saudi Aramco, a Saudi oil and gas company, in the development of the Cilacap refinery will soon be completed. This is in line with Aramco`s approval of the new cooperation regime proposed by Pertamina. As part of the toll agreement, Pertamina supplies raw materials, finances the processing process and receives products. While TPPI earns a fee for processing services. “Like people sewing clothes, we only accept the cost of sewing,” TPPI director basya Himawan said on Thursday., JAKARTA — Negotiations between PT Polytama Propindo and PT Pertamina (Persero) as part of the discussion on the toll agreement to meet the needs of domestic polypropylene have not reached an agreement, also described as deadlock.

“A few days ago, I just knew there had been a decision, the system could not be implemented because it was harming Polytama. Finally stalled,” Fajar said at Bisnis` request on Thursday (17/7). PT Tuban Petro Indonesia President Riki Ibrahim insisted that the programme proposed by Pertamina could not be implemented because of the damage caused to Polytama. Through the application of the system, Pertamina pays a processing fee to Polytama.