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Teaching Students about Fake News

Fake news is becoming one of the biggest problems on the internet. We constantly hear about how fake news is impeding on democracy and altering our understanding of what is true and what is not. Fake news is nothing new but the introduction of the internet into our lives has made it much easier to […]

Teaching Comparatives. A simple activity that requires minimum resources

This month I am going to look at a very simple idea for teaching comparatives. It is especially good with lower levels though if you use different things to compare, you can increase the level. The activity is really a very controlled activity around grammar but by doing it this way, you make it slightly […]

Digital Citizenship: Students learn copyright

In this post we are going to continue the theme of ‘Digital Citizenship” and look at the issue of copyright and how we help students to avoid breaking copyright. Students often think that anything on the internet is copyright free. This is not the case. Copyright is automatic when an author produces something from scratch […]

What is Digital Citizenship? Why is it so important?

Digital Citizenship is something that all teachers need to be aware of. With the growing amount of online activity that students are involved in, we need to provide students with clear guidance on ‘best practice’ when working online. We want our students to enjoy the huge benefits that the internet and computers generally offer but […]

Google Forms: the ideal tool to create online any type of survey

A lot of teachers ask me what my favourite tool is and what technologies I use the most. I guess one of the tools I use the most is Google Forms. If you have a GMAIL account then Google Forms is free. Google Forms allows you to create a questionnaire or survey and then share […]

Great vocabulary sites with pictures, audio, text and exercises

There are a number of free websites which offer “Talking Dictionaries”.  These are visually based websites that have pictures of objects, the text and the audio all in one place. These can be pretty useful because you can direct students to them to study at the home and then do activities in the classroom to […]

Where to get free FLASHCARDS and great ideas for using them

I have always been a big fan of flash cards and I even use them in my own language learning. You can find lots of free flash cards on the internet but there is one particular place I use all the time and that is ESL Flashcards. ESL Flashcards has loads of high quality images […]

Breaking News English

Enormous website with loads of listening and reading material. Breaking News English is one of the most popular free websites for learning English on the internet. It offers news articles in English which are both written and recorded. There is also a mass of learning material based around the articles which is ideal for both […]