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“We provide General English courses for students ranging from Elementary to Advanced. Our academic approach may be quite different to what you have experienced in the past as grammar exercises is not a focus; our main aim is to develop confidence and fluency in spoken English. The lessons are a combination of communicative activities, vocabulary development, pronunciation work, language games and role plays.You may also do excursion preparation and project work. Our classes are student-centred, we encourage your full participation within every lesson”.
You will have 15 hours of English lessons in class each week. No more than 15 students will be in any one class.
During your first lesson, you will be given the MLA placement test. Your placement test which has both written and spoken components will ensure you are placed in an appropriate class with students of a similar ability. Though your qualified teacher will lead the focus of your class, you will have an opportunity to influence what topics are considered in class, thus ensuring your personal progress and needs are met.

During your time on a MLA course, you can expect to:
– Learn a variety of different topics following our topic based syllabus
– Acquire and practise new vocabulary
– Improve your English pronunciation
– Acquire strategies to improve your independent learning
– Learn more about English speaking cultures

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Monitoring Students’ Progress

MLA language path

Our language courses follow an integrated language skills syllabus with specific outcomes for each level. Our teachers follow an interactive methodology designed by MLA to make learning easier and lessons interesting, engaging and enjoyable. MLA Taskbooks are designed for British English
or American English in five levels.
We provide the same language package for Top Plus programmes:
• 20 English lessons per week
• Online placement test
• MLA Taskbooks
• MLA Portfolio
• Certificate of attendance
• End of course report
• Chit Chat Club

MLA Taskbook

MLA language courses are based on the communicative approach to language learning which uses a combination of tasks and topics to support and assist students when communicating.
Our taskbooks have been developed based on young learner’s areas of interest and common topics available in language learning. Task Based Learning is an innovative approach and it can be summarised in the expression “get it right in the end”. The initial stimulus of the task gives students the opportunity for authentic use of the English language.

Pre-arrival test

Students take the MLA online placement test before departure. Once they arrive at the destination centre they complete the listening and speaking test, so they can start learning right away. The overall result of the tests determines the level of linguistic knowledge of the pupil and the subsequent class arrangement.

MLA e-board

MLA provides its teachers with access to the e-board which includes, among other features, the electronic register designed specifically by its academic department. The e-board allows the registration of the students’ attendance record, the content developed in class, the topics covered during the lessons, the teaching aids used and the monitoring of the progress of individual students and the class. This evaluation is intended as a moment of positive growth, the aim of which is to highlight the strengths of each learner.

MLA Portfolio

We adopt a continuous evaluation system based on commitment, effort, and achievements. A mid-course report is filled out to provide progress assessment, and at the end of the programme the report is released with the record of the students’ results and suggestions on how to improve any areas of weakness. The diploma, with a day by day record of work and a full comprehensive portfolio, is awarded at the end of the course.

The learning environment

In the classroom we create an ideal atmosphere that contributes to stimulating communication and learning. Progress is commended and any mistakes considered as natural steps of learning, in order to increase the student’s ability to improve. Our teachers establish positive relationships with the pupils to help them gain autonomy in learning.

MLA Chit Chat Club

There are areas available to MLA students where they can meet our team and continue listening/comprehension/speaking activities in a natural environment. This approach allows students to practice language through continuous contact with native speakers.

Recognised examinations

In some of our summer centres, for an additional charge, we can provide exam courses and tests such as Trinity GESE (Graded Examination in Spoken English).
These examinations are ideal as a motivational goal for students.

Tuition Schedule


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