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Why MLA?
MLA has worked for
schools since 1974.

I like to think that we have the same aim as schools in providing education and training to our students, by developing a cognitive,
linguistic, social, emotional, civic dimension, ​​through a process that allows them to live in full freedom, to study, to work anywhere they desire,
in a world where there are no longer distances or boundaries.

In today’s world, one of the major goals is the acquisition of multi-lingual and multi-cultural competences, which can be defined
as the ability to communicate in more languages ​​and to interact with other cultures. To support the language strategy for languages EU2020, through
the years, MLA, in particular, has promoted an active development, focusing on linguistic competence and knowledge, mediation and intercultural
understanding. These are essential requirements for the making of a good European citizen, the acquisition of invaluable skills for the purpose
of study and work abroad, which require communicating proficiently with foreign languages speakers.

Thousands of teachers and millions of students have chosen MLA for the quality of language courses and the consolidated
reliability of our brand and services. MLA has also been chosen for the precise and meticulous attention given to the
production of our packages. Above all, with 40 years of experience, MLA always seeks the most updated linguistic programs and training methodologies,
in compliance with the linguistic parameters set by the EU.


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