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Listen A Minute: free listening and reading material with some great extra games

If you are looking for reading and listening content for levels around PET (A2) then you might like to take a look at the website Listen a Minute. It offers free texts, listening materials and exercises but perhaps most interesting some nice online activities that the students really seem to engage with. What’s more all […]

Thinglink-Create Interactive Images

Great for both students and teachers-ideal for CLIL Thinglink is one of those quick and easy to use technologies that really does have lots of uses. Basically Thinglink allows you to take a picture and add interactivity to it. So for example I take a picture of a map of Italy and then add interactive […]

Answer Garden: Simple collaboration both in and out of the class

It is not always easy to start working with technology. I always recommend making use of simple tools to start that can be really effective. One tool I often show teachers is Answer Garden. Answer Garden is a website where you can write up a question and Answer Garden then immediately creates a link that […]

Developing digital literacies: Making use of Google Docs

Today I want to focus on a particular technology that I have made great use of in my teaching and learning. This technology is also used widely in business and commerce and so by introducing it to our students we are exposing them to something that is great to use in our teaching and learning […]

Exposing students to a wider range for accents: A free website that offers a solution

If you are a teacher and you are looking for some free material to use in class or even out of class with your students, then ELLLO English is well worth looking at. It offers a huge archive of audio recordings, video recordings and related exercises that the teacher can use in the class or […]